Circus Skills Jam- Ages 8 and Up

This class is taught by:

Nikolas Strubbe

Nikolas Strubbe is a creator and performer of physical theatre and circus. His work straddles many disciplines, including mime, clown, storytelling, and an array of circus arts. Nikolas has been a circus performer since 2006, and teaches eccentric skills to people of all ages. He graduated from the Flying Actor Studio's Physical Theatre Conservatory in 2010 and has been performing nationally and internationally ever since. Nikolas is a co-founder of San Francisco's Main Street Theatre, an alternative venue dedicated to the creation and performance of new works of physical theatre. These days, he can be seen around the Bay Area performing storytelling and carny-satire as "The Incredible Feelzo: Man of Moderate Talent."

Audrey Spinazola

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Audrey found her way to the city by the Bay in pursuit of her dream to become a clown. After graduating the Clown Conservatory in 2009, she studied physical theater with James Donlon and Leonard Pitt in their conservatory program at the Flying Actor Studio. She is now the proud co-founder of Main Street Theater, teaches children's circus at Circus Center, and can be seen out and about performing with her musical duo Carl and Beatrice.

Oscar Velarde

Oscar Velarde was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up he trained in various styles of martial arts such as Karate-do and Brazilian Jiujitsu. He was introduced to the circus arts through his family who own El Gran Circo de Mexico, where Oscar performed as a stunt clown. In his first year on tour, he was introduced to Diabolo and began to teach himself for years until he was able to compile enough tricks to become a feature act.
Oscar teaches Circus Skills Jam with Sabrina Wenske, an award-winning San Francisco-based theatre actor and deviser, primarily in clown.

Every Friday night from 7-9pm, Circus Center holds a FREE open play session where you can experiment with juggling, tightwire, rolla bolla, feather balancing, clowning, and more in a casual setting, under the supervision of our instructors. Did we mention Circus Skills Jam is FREE?


No experience required.

Everyone age 8 and older is welcome, however, all students under age 18 must have a parent sign our general release form, and children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by parents at all times.