Circus Bootcamp

This class is taught by:

Aaron Kozloff

Hailing from the most bureaucratic city on the East Coast, Aaron fled D.C. for warmer climes. Aaron studied at Oberlin College where he received his B.A. in psychology and neuroscience. During his time there, he gained his passion for teaching and spreading joy for alternative physical disciplines through teaching a college parkour class and a youth rock-climbing course. After being challenged to do a month of the Circus Warehouse intensive program by a housemate as the hardest thing he had ever done, Aaron began his journey into circus. There he trained Chinese pole, hand-balancing, and acrobatics. The more and more he learns of circus, the more he can spread its joy far and wide. He uses his background in psychology and neuroscience to augment his teaching of parkour, youth parkour, Chinese pole, and body-weight fitness.

Herdlyn Evans

Herdlyn serves as Co-Director of Circus Center's Flying Trapeze department. He began circus training in Jamaica when he was invited to try flying trapeze. For the past 8 years he has trained and performed flying trapeze, as both a flyer and catcher; static trapeze; double trapeze; tissu; and juggling. Herdlyn has taught and performed for various companies including Super Clubs and Club Med, where he was the circus director for Club Med Cancun.

Jiggidy Jives

A jack-of-all-trades performer, Jives has been teaching acrobatics and flying trapeze at Circus Center for 14 years. He specializes in meteor bowls, acrobatics, and Chinese pole.

Phoenix Paz

Phoenix returned to the San Francisco Bay area in 2014, after several years living abroad. Upon her return, she began training at Circus Center, focusing on Contortion and Hand Balancing. She now teaches beginning stretching and flexibility. When not training or teaching, Phoenix works at the Circus Center front desk, as a Student Services Representative, where she assists Circus Center students -- both regulars and new students - in choosing the curriculum best suited to their interests and expertise. Outside of Circus Center, Phoenix dances with the Latin Symbolics, Island Touch Salsa Team. She performs "Salsa on 2," and competes in the International DanceSport style of Latin ballroom dance.

Get a full-body workout using movements, techniques, and skills taken from circus, parkour, and gymnastics! This fun and intense circus circuit training combines interval training with circus arts conditioning followed by a brief stretch. Circus Bootcamp will build strength, endurance, and coordination in a way that can be scaled and modified for all fitness levels.

No experience required.


No Prerequisites.