Jiggidy Jives

A jack-of-all-trades performer, Jives has been teaching acrobatics and flying trapeze at Circus Center for 14 years. He specializes in meteor bowls, acrobatics, and Chinese pole.

Jiggidy Jives instructs the following:
  • Rising Stars 2017-18

  • Handstand 1
  • Handstand is the foundation of all acrobatics. This class is for more advanced students, exploring many variations of handstands including planks, one handed handstands, headstands and handstand pushups.


    Prerequisite: Instructor approval


  • Chinese Pole
  • This class focuses on Chinese pole skills that develop strength and endurance. Build strength and dexterity as you learn to climb, slide, and hold poses on the acrobatic pole.

    Skills include monkey climbing, regular climbing, sitting, star, fish, and variations of the standard handstand and pull ups. Students proceed at their own pace with personalized instruction.


    *Please Note* This class requires specific shoes- The Feiyue martial arts shoe is one example of an acceptable shoe and can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon.com.

    We have sizes 36, 38, 39, 40, 43, and 45 to loan, but we cannot guarantee that a particular size will be available in a class.


    No Prerequisites.

  • All Levels Trampoline
  • This class teaches beginning to advanced trampoline skills with an emphasis on safety, body awareness in space, and conditioning. Students will progress at their own pace and those who master the basic skills will learn inverted moves.

    No Prerequisite- Some experience with trampoline preferred

  • Intro to Handstand
  • Learn the basics of handstand, the foundation of circus. Students are introduced to the three pillars of handstand—thinner, lighter, more alive—and also practice the basic handstand form. Both acrobatic and aerial students can benefit from practicing handstands.

    No Prerequisites.

  • All Levels Flying Trapeze
  • This class is open to flyers ages 7** and above of all skill levels, from the first-timer to the seasoned pro. It introduces students to all aspects of flying: familiarization with the rigging, terminology of the trapeze, and performance of basic tricks.

    **Minimum age for flying trapeze is 7. For safety reasons, children with small waists and/or hands may not be able to participate regardless of age.

    Guidelines and Information

    • Maximum weight: Our instructors, who vary in size, can safely belay up to 250lbs.
    • Maximum waist: Our safety belts are designed to accommodate waists up to size 38.
    • Punctuality strongly encouraged.
    • Loose or street attire discouraged, close-fitting athletic wear suggested.
    • Glasses discouraged, but if worn, must be break-resistant and secured with elastic straps