Chloe Axelrod

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod is a powerhouse performance artist whose talents have carried her around the world. She has performed for a variety of acclaimed companies in world-class productions in places such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Atlantic City, Leipzig, and the Dominican Republic. Chloe is known for her dynamic performance style, full of high-level acrobatic and aerial skills combined with effortless grace and incredible form. Chloe began training under Master Lu Yi at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts (now Circus Center) when she was 14 years old. A stand out in the prestigious Youth Circus Training Program, she was trained in floor acrobatics, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, teeterboard, aerial straps, and acrobatic bungee. As an adult, Chloe began to train and perform as an aerial hoop artist, specializing in both solo and duo. Today, she excels in multiple aerial disciplines, including hoop, straps, cube and flying trapeze. She is revered for both her solo and partner acts in the air, as well as on the floor. Trained by the acclaimed coach, Serchmaa Byamba, in contortion, she is also recognized as an accomplished ground performer. Two years ago, Chloe developed an Acro Chair act that can be performed solo or with a her partner, Kerri Kresinski. In addition to her many years of training and performance, Chloe is also a teacher and mentor to many in the Bay Area Circus Community. Responsible for the development of several internationally recognized partner aerial acts, she offers private lessons to individuals at all levels - from the recreational beginner to the elite performer. Teaching the marvel of circus, and sharing with her students and her audience her passion of art and acrobatics, is what makes watching and working with Chloe such a delight!

Chloe Axelrod instructs the following:
  • Hoop 3
  • This is the most advanced level of Circus Center’s Hoop classes. It focuses on dynamics, contortion, and strength-related tricks, as well as on the combination of movements into sequences that will lead to future act composition.
    Prerequisites: Instructor Approval

    Recommended complementary classes: Aerial Conditioning, Stretching, Physical Limitation Elimination, Contortion.