Mike Greenberg

Mike took his first flying trapeze class in New York in 2006, thinking it would be a once in a lifetime experience. He quickly became addicted to it and started teaching it in 2010. He had been teaching at Circus Center since 2013 and loves being a part of such a great community.

Mike Greenberg instructs the following:
  • Flying Trapeze 1
  • Flying Trapeze 1 is for the intermediate student. Students should have experience with Flying Trapeze at Circus Center, but may not be ready to leave the board unassisted as in Flying Trapeze 2. Class has 3 instructors and 8 students like All Levels Flying Trapeze, but without total beginners, it is more fast-paced.


    Prerequisite: Able to do a one-handed take off (or deemed close to that milestone by an instructor)

  • Flying Trapeze 2
  • With an emphasis on the development of skills needed for the performance of a flying trapeze act, including advanced tricks and flying without safety lines, this class in an accelerated course for motivated students who are physically prepared for rigorous intensive training.

    Prerequisite: Able to leave the board unassisted


    Recommended complementary classes: Aerial Conditioning, Stretching, Physical Limitation Elimination, Flexibility for Every-Body, Trampoline