Aaron Kozloff

Hailing from the most bureaucratic city on the East Coast, Aaron fled D.C. for warmer climes. Aaron studied at Oberlin College where he received his B.A. in psychology and neuroscience. During his time there, he gained his passion for teaching and spreading joy for alternative physical disciplines through teaching a college parkour class and a youth rock-climbing course. After being challenged to do a month of the Circus Warehouse intensive program by a housemate as the hardest thing he had ever done, Aaron began his journey into circus. There he trained Chinese pole, hand-balancing, and acrobatics. The more and more he learns of circus, the more he can spread its joy far and wide. He uses his background in psychology and neuroscience to augment his teaching of parkour, youth parkour, Chinese pole, and body-weight fitness.

Aaron Kozloff is currently not instructing any classes.