Hanna Stangebye

Hanna Rose Stangebye is a certified aerial yoga instructor, professional dancer/choreographer, arts administrator, and aspiring clown. She has a BFA in Dance from Western Michigan University and, since relocating to San Francisco in 2013, has performed with various groups and as a soloist around the Bay Area. She joined the world of fitness through teaching barre, which led to aerial yoga, cycling, TRX, bootcamps, kickboxing, and more…
Hanna Rose is currently the Managing Director of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit theater that specializes in emerging artist residencies, where she herself got her start as a choreographer. In 2015, she discovered Circus Center by taking a flying trapeze class, and is presently a member of the 2017 incoming class of Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory.

Hanna Stangebye is currently not instructing any classes.