Alex Allan

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Alex moved to San Francisco in 2009 to train in Circus Center’s Professional Aerial Program. Since graduating in 2011 Alex has worked as a choreographer and an aerialist with companies such as Teatro Zin Zanni, Acrobatic Conundrum and Zaccho Dance Theatre. As a coach, Alex works closely with his students to facilitate an embodied understanding of efficient movement pathways and dynamic aerial technique. He also has a deep passion for aiding his students in the development of their own authentic movement quality. In his 10 years as a coach Alex has taught workshops in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, most recently completed a workshop tour of the U.S. covering 30 studios in 15 states. Influenced by his background in theatre, Alex is committed to the art of storytelling. He seeks to explore and present the human experience, believing in the potential of movement to convey that which words cannot. His extensive education in theatre, circus and dance has inspired him to blend the boundaries of these physical mediums, creating a unique style of performance. Alex is currently in collaboration with renowned NY choreographer Mike Esperanza.

Alex Allan instructs the following:
  • Dynamic Technique for Rope and Tissu
  • Dynamic movement has become an integral piece of Rope and Fabric/Tissu work in the last 10 years. Harnessing momentum in the air opens up a whole new range of skills, transitions and ways of moving through the air. When we become proficient at these techniques and pathways, we increase our power and strength in the air, while at the same time decreasing the amount of effort required. In this workshop, we will endeavor to perfect the techniques required to maximize your power and grace in the air; engagement, timing, pathway and release. This workshop would be beneficial to any student wishing to improve their beat technique in the air and is an essential step in mastering advanced release moves on vertical apparatuses.

    Designed for intermediate students, and though experience in beats is not necessary, it is helpful.
    For Ages 16 and up.

  • Release Technique for Rope and Tissu
  • One of the main reasons for perfecting dynamic technique is to harness enough power to create a moment of weightlessness. In this magical fraction of a second we have the opportunity to release, twist, flip and slide. Learning these specific skills removes the predictability of wrapped drops and adds a dynamic and explosive quality to choreography.

    In this innovative workshop, students will build on their existing knowledge of dynamic movement, teaching them new entrances into wraps, open drops, and a range of release moves. Students of various levels will be guided through these skills with the appropriate progressions so they can continue the mastery at home.

    This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced level students, who feel comfortable with dynamic technique/beats.

    For ages 16 and up.