Our shows feature our students, instructors, and community members in everything from student showcases to full-on theatrical circus productions.
And there's more: check out about our ongoing Circus Center Cabaret series starring professional circus and variety performers.




July, 2018

Circus Caps for Sale | Slovodkina | Circus Center | Children's Fairyland

When a mischievous monkey steals the cap off a cap seller’s head, the resulting chase is a delightful romp that leads right into the circus ring. For over 75 years, author Esphyr Slobodkina’s brave peddler has sung “Caps for Sale” in the imaginations of generations of children. Join Circus Center's artists as they bring the classic children’s book to life in Fairyland's own bigtop.



May, 2018

Leap! Step into the Spotlight | Spring Student Showcase | Circus Center

THIS SATURDAY, MAY 19, our Spring 2018 Showcase features students who are taking their very first steps from the studio to the stage. Witness as they spring into action, performing their acts in front of an audience - some for the very first time!



April & May, 2018

Fog City Swing | SF Youth Circus | Circus Center

Remember that feeling when you first arrived in San Francisco? Join Mia, a young woman who is new to the city, wide-eyed and full of hope. As she explores life in the Bay, she meets a bevy of diverse and colorful characters. She makes friends, learns a few life lessons, and discovers all that’s wonderful about life in this town. With circus as her muse, she finds her way through the fog and into the light!



March, 2018

Clown & Punishment | Clown Conservatory | Circus Center



December, 2017

Winter of Love | 2017 Winter Student Showcase | Circus Center

LOVE. In the summer of 1967, people from around the world put flowers in their hair and flocked to San Francisco to celebrate love. But one young woman showed up late and discovered something a little different... Featuring Circus Center's faculty, advanced adult recreational students, and pre-professional youth program trainees, this family-friendly show will step back in time and immerse you in the sights, sounds, and attitudes of San Francisco's righteous past. From high-flying aerialists to impossible acrobatics and every groovy thing in between, we'll gasp, groan, flip, dip, and shake it 'til we break it, in our WINTER OF LOVE!



May 20, 2017

Spring Is In The Air | Circus Center

Featuring stunning aerial acts, beautiful partner acrobatics, and the Circus Center Flyers on the city's only flying trapeze!

Proceeds Benefit Circus Center's Programs



April 29 - May 13, 2017


Circus Fracas | Youth Circus | Circus Center

CIRCUS FRACAS is the story of two opposing teams of young circus artists on their way to battle for top honors at the National Circus Arts Festival. Along the way they encounter unexpected adversity and learn that, despite their differences, pulling together and working in unison is an opportunity just as golden as winning a medal. CIRCUS FRACAS is a theatrical presentation developed and presented by the San Francisco Youth Circus, the city's preeminent, award-winning ensemble of 20 pre-professional circus artists. Prepare to be dazzled by acrobatics, hoop diving, juggling, contortion, trapeze, tissu, and more!



March 23 to April 1, 2017


The Supers | Clown Show | Circus Center | San Francisco


Under cover of darkness, a boatload of refugees lands on our shores... and discovers an astonishing secret.THE SUPERS is a human cartoon adventure story, a tragicomic tilt-a-whirl of physical comedy, music and mime.


May 7, 2016

Poster for Lift Off | Student Showcase | Circus Center



December 10 & 11, 2016


Postcard for Winter Showcase | Holiday Dash | Circus Center

Travel. No other element of the holiday season provides more frustration or more relief. Before you start your own journey this December, take a trip with the circus in HOLIDAY DASH! Featuring Circus Center’s advanced adult recreational students and pre-professional youth program trainees, this family-friendly show will unearth all the misery, comedy, and joy that comes with a last-minute trip home. So come along on a wild ride through crowded airports and chaotic shopping malls, with an array of colorful acrobats, aerialists, flying trapeze artists, trampolinists and more. It’s a melting pot of frazzled perpetual motion – it’s a HOLIDAY DASH!


April 30, May 1, 6 & 7, 2016 

Poster for Circus Oddity | A Bowie Tribute by Youth Circus | Circus Center

She is about to wake up to a world of celestial characters and extraterrestrial feats, but is it just a Moonage Daydream?

The San Francisco Youth Circus, the city's preeminent, award-winning ensemble of young circus artists, will dazzle you with acrobatics, aerial acts, contortion, juggling, and more. Set to essential Bowie tunes like "Heroes," "Life on Mars," and "Starman," this show will thrill audiences of all ages.




December 12 & 13, 2015

Poster for Snowglobe | Winter Holiday Performance | Circus Center

Join Yeti, an adorably abominable snowman, on his journey through SnowGlobe, a winter wonderland full of circus fun! Featuring Circus Center's advanced adult recreational students and pre-professional youth program trainees, this family-friendly show will capture the imagination of children and adults alike with its circus magic. Come along as Yeti makes friends, tests his balance, and finds his own special talents in an enchanted world of flying trapeze artists, hoop divers, contortionists, acrobats and aerialists.

Click here to see images from the show!




May 27, 28, 29 & 30, 2015 

Poster for Guilty As Sin | Circus Performance | Circus Center

Abandon all hope ye who enter here! Join us as we descend through nine rings of hellish circus, and discover a modern twist inspired by Dante’s Inferno. A devilishly layered, interactive performance exploring concepts of incarceration and the mythos of judgment.
Come witness the sinful journey of two clownish pilgrims as they encounter demonic acrobats, seductively alluring aerialists, and tortured jugglers. Surrender your soul to this intense artistic collaboration as Circus Center presents GUILTY AS SIN




May 2, 3, 8 & 9, 2015

Poster for Circtopia | Youth Circus Performance | Circus Center

Presented by Circus Center's Youth Circus.

In a world of sameness, one person dares to be unique. CIRCTOPIA explores the themes of conformity and difference through a whirlwind of acrobatic and aerial arts. This thrilling circus is created and performed by Circus Center's Youth Circus. The Youth Circus is a troupe of local youth that trains circus arts at a pre-professional level.



December 13 & 14, 2014

Poster for Sleigh Bells | Winter Gala Circus Performance | Circus Center

This annual show celebrates the holidays with performances by Circus Center students, faculty, and community members. This year, you'll be treated to amazing acts: Chinese pole, tissu, straps, hoop, rope, swinging trapeze, static trapeze, flying trapeze, and more!

We also have spectacular group acts from our youth performers and from Acrosanct, Master Lu Yi's new acrobatics troupe. Plus, there's a rumor that we will have a visitor from the North Pole! We request a $20 suggested donation for each seat you reserve. All proceeds benefit Circus Center's mission of bringing the joy of circus to anyone, regardless of their background or ability to pay.



November 16, 2014


Poster for El circo nocturno | Annual Benefit Performance | Circus Center

The 3rd annual Give Kids a Flying Chance production is November 16th at Circus Center and will include a carnival midway with games, light refreshments and mini silent auction and a circus show including two flying trapeze acts, acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and more. Part of an annual benefit for the Tamarindo Foundation Inc It will be a night of high-flying fun, that you will not want to miss!




July 19 & 20, 2014

Poster for Cabaret Metamorphoses | Performance | Circus Center

An amalgam of circus, physical theatre, and live music, Cabaret Metamorphoses takes New Circus into the realm of storytelling, blending the sensory poetry of circus arts with the narrative power of the spoken word. Adapted from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the show tells the story of Arachne, the weaver of Greco-Roman myth whose tapestries spoke truth to power.




April, 2018

Lean On Me | Circus Center Cabaret


Need a break? A change? A personal time-out?Come to the Circus Center Cabaret where you can relax, laugh & enjoy... Lean On Me... The final production in Season 3 of our cabaret series. In our intimate little theatre we can hold back the real world, lighten your mood and help you escape the daily grind with style & flair! We can lift your spirits with some tantalizing libations from our full bar as you listen to the masterful live jazz stylings of The Roger Glenn Trio; push away the blues with the dazzling vocal range and raucous humor of our fabulous Cabaret Chanteuse, Madame Leanne Borghesi; and be inspired by the best circus & variety artists from around the Bay Area and Beyond! So don't hold back... lean in... and get your tickets now for Lean On Me!






March, 2018

Broadway Bound | Circus Center Cabaret


Start spreadin’ the tunes!. This month’s edition of the Circus Center Cabaret is headed to The Great White Way in our latest show: Broadway Bound. You’ll want to strap yourself to your seats right before our fabulous Cabaret Chanteuse, Madame Leanne Borghesi, blows the roof off the building with her amazing broadway belt. Witness her wrap herself around the tremendous live music of the Roger Glenn Trio and become enraptured by the best circus, variety, dance acts & artists from around the Bay Area and beyond. With our full bar, reserved seating and enhanced sightlines, you’re guaranteed to leave our theatre with a song in your heart and a smile on your face.






February, 2018

Love San Francisco Style | Circus Center Cabaret


Ah, Love... The universal language! No matter where you come from, love is a constant topic of conversation and the source of perplexing questions. Is this “The One”? Will it last? Is this forever? Or... could you have made an error in your Eros? Has your L’amour become a bore? Love may be the answer, but if you’re still waiting for it, there’s always sex. But that’s not easy either - even here in San Francisco, home base for the Summer Of Love, Gender Neutrality and champion of NSA dating. But we can help sort it all out for you with our next edition of the Circus Center Cabaret, LOVE, San Francisco Style! And remember - love may be blind, but our neighbors aren’t!






January, 2018

Get Over It | Circus Center Cabaret


Some days you get the elevator… some days, the shaft. Whether it's a missed opportunity, a rotten relationship, or a horrible start to another new year. What to do? Cry a river…build a bridge…get over it! There’s no future in living in the past - so learn from it, pack up your crap and get the hell out of there! Where? To the perfect retreat: a night at the Circus Center Cabaret! We can help you find the silver lining with the musical stylings of the Roger Glenn Trio; the raucous good humor & beautiful vocals of our fabulous Cabaret Chanteuse, Madame Leanne Borghesi; and the best circus & variety acts from the Bay Area and beyond! All of this plus a full bar for your favorite libation, tickets online with reserved seating, improved sight lines, and the intimate surroundings of our beautiful little theatre. They say that a pessimist sees the glass half empty;






November, 2017

Fancy Meeting You Here! | Circus Center Cabaret | San Francisco


Oh hello there! I was just wondering what adventures this place had in store for me – and now here you are! So… what do you do? Oh – oh my – well, that’s – How marvelous! This November, join us for a tongue-in-cheek travelogue as Cabaret Chanteuse Madame Leanne Borghesi regales you with tales of her travels across the globe. Charming Parisian cafes, sumptuous Italian villas, dingy back alleys in God-knows-where – Madame has been everywhere in her gypsy caravan.






October, 2017

Trick or Tweet | Circus Center Cabaret


Our October edition, Trick or Tweet, celebrates the Halloween season in all its modern gory glory – raunchy costumes, Instagram selfies, strange "potions" and stranger bedfellows! Our all-star lineup of sensational circus and variety artists will have you poking, posting, tweeting and liking IRL. Cabaret Chanteuse Madame Leanne Borghesi and the Roger Glenn Trio set the mood with songs and stories of ghosted lovers and haunted hashtags. Enjoy it all in the sophisticated setting of our intimate cabaret theatre with full bar – now with reserved seating and improved sightlines! COME IN COSTUME... and you could win fabulously freaky prizes…because – Halloween! YOLO!






September, 2017

Come On A My House | Circus Center Cabaret | San Francisco


Welcome one and all to this open arms, kiss on the cheek, fun-filled evening as we celebrate the beginning of year 3 in our acclaimed entertainment series. Our fabulous chanteuse, Madame Leanne Borghesi, has been busily adding new songs to enchant and delight you, as well as preparing her amazing caravan of talented troubadours and gifted gypsies - all of them ready to dazzle you. Returning jazz masters, The Roger Glenn Trio, will be providing the musical soundtrack for the evening, and a stage full of the best circus and variety artists from near and far; and featuring the aerial artistry of the incomparable Veronica Blair.






April, 2017

Hell or High Water | Circus Center Cabaret


Resist the urge to give in and join us for HELL OR HIGH WATER – a defiant celebration of the creative spirit and a willfully optimistic evening of music, laughter and artistry.This month the Circus Center Cabaret is bringing you an affirmation that in tough times we can, and must, move forward with hope and resolve, no matter what. With the sophisticated jazz stylings of the Roger Glenn Trio; dazzling vocals from our Cabaret Chanteuse, Madame Leanne Borghesi; and powerhouse performance artists from around the Bay Area and beyond, we offer you momentary refuge and a chance to relax and recharge.






March, 2017






Recipe for fun

3 laughs from a leprechaun 1 stalk of 4-leaf clovers
2 cups of shamrock stew 1 barrel of green beer


Mix well with our secret ingredients

The Roger Glenn Trio
Cabaret Chanteuse, Madame Leanne Borghesi A beautiful & intimate venue
A full bar
The best circus & variety artists in the Bay Area


The result:

Cirque Du Blarney

Come to the Circus Center Cabaret where we mix it all up to create the perfect way to celebrate this St. Patrick’s day






February, 2017

Love Hangover | Circus Center Cabaret | San Francisco



... when Valentine’s Day is FINALLY OVER. At last you can put away the cologne and uncomfortable underthings, throw out those dying flowers, and finally have some fun! This whole hearts and candy business is like being drunk. Sure it’s fun for awhile, but you wake hungover with a bad taste in your mouth - and it’s not just the red dye in those candies. Can’t we do something fun instead? Sassy Chanteuse Madame Leanne Borghesi, the hot jazz of the Roger Glenn Trio, and this month’s lineup of fabulous circus and variety artists are sure to cure what ails you. So swipe left on post-Valentine’s regrets and enjoy the perfect remedy for your love hangover: an evening at the Circus Center Cabaret!






January, 2017

POTUS Interruptus | Circus Center Cabaret









November 2016

Westward Ho | October Cabaret | Circus Center | 2017



It's time to ride into town, hitch your horse by the Saloon, and mosey on in to the Circus Center Cabaret for November’s big show, WESTWARD HO! We're gonna have a rip-roarin’, whip-crackin’, goldarn good time. We've got a stagecoach full of circus and variety artists, from the comedy and cowgirl tricks of local legend Karen Quest to aerialists, handbalancing artists, and more. With our sensuous songstress Madame Leanne Borghesi riding shotgun, we'll transport you to the world of the wild, wild West! Backed by the sounds of our classy cowhand House Band, the Roger Glenn Trio, git on up to the bar for some loco juice or a tasty cocktail and settle in for a ropin’, ridin’, and rockin’ rodeo ring full of fun!







October 2016

The Wicked Women of Frederick Street | Circus Center Cabaret | San Francisco



This Halloween Cabaret, we’re celebrating all that’s fun and fabulous about being wicked. At the center of it all is our spectacular Cabaret Chanteuse Madame Leanne Borghesi, the spellbinding songstress, and all her friends - the whimsically wicked witches, warlocks, and more of Frederick Street. Enjoy magical acts full of aerial, acrobatic, and variety enchantment - all with a cauldron-sized serving of mystery, mischief, and mayhem. Backed as always by the devilish and delightful music of the Roger Glenn Trio, you're sure to be spellbound - especially after a couple of drinks from our Cabaret bar. So boys and ghouls, grab your favorite Halloween outfit and step into the wonderfully wicked world of the Cabaret!







September 2016

Full-Swing | Circus Center Cabaret | San Francisco



Our hot House Band, the Roger Glenn Trio, is back this season, classing up the joint with their sweet, sassy sound. And heading up our all-star lineup is our new Cabaret Chanteuse, the doll who's got it all, Madame Leanne Borghesi! Her stupendous voice will knock you back in your seats one minute, then make you misty-eyed the next. With all this, plus the amazing variety of artists that will always surprise and delight you, the Cabaret is truly back in Full Swing!






April 2016

Poster for Circus Cabaret | Take Me Away | Circus Center

Join the Roger Glenn Trio for a magical night of unexpected twists and surprising bubbles, as the Circus Center Cabaret presents some of the best Bay Area circus and variety talent to wish you a happy New Year. In the Circus Center Theater, a uniquely intimate venue where the audience is never more than 50 feet from the performers, you are invited to partake in bar refreshments while enjoying one hour of distilled circus elegance, grandeur, and humor.



March 2016

Poster for Circus Cabaret | Losing My Mind | Circus Center

Circus Center Cabaret’s penultimate performance of the season, Losing My Mind delivers with panache the poignant comedy for which the series has become renowned. Underscored with music by the Roger Glenn Trio, the Bay Area’s best circus and variety talent indulge in the flirting and fleeting frivolities of spring fever and welcome back the sun after three months of El Niño weather. This March, come to the Cabaret, enjoy a drink at the bar, and exult in the arrival of spring at this circus fête.



February, 2016

 Poster for Circus Cabaret | Through With Love | Circus Center

Let the Bay Area’s best circus talent take you on a journey through the heart, exploring the flights of fancy of your first crush, the awkward humor of dating, and the twisting turns of relationships with compelling aerial and acrobatic acts. In the Circus Center’s intimate theater, celebrate the mastery of circus with the toe-tapping tunes of the Roger Glenn Trio, and toast the eccentricities of desire with a drink from the bar.



January, 2016

Poster for Circus Cabaret | Champagne & Starlight | Circus Center

Join the Roger Glenn Trio for a magical night of unexpected twists and surprising bubbles, as the Circus Center Cabaret presents some of the best Bay Area circus and variety talent to wish you a happy New Year. In the Circus Center Theater, a uniquely intimate venue where the audience is never more than 50 feet from the performers, you are invited to partake in bar refreshments while enjoying one hour of distilled circus elegance, grandeur, and humor.



November, 2015

Poster for Circus Center Cabaret | A Roll In The Hay

This November, step right up for a barrelful of fall fun at the Circus Center Cabaret's next show: A Roll in the Hay. The Roger Glenn Trio leads the way on a wild ride through a changing countryside. Partake of autumnal delights and refreshments from the Cabaret bar in a chic and intimate venue where the audience is never more than 50 feet away from the performers. Celebrate the unexpected twists of the season and laugh out loud with some of the Bay Area’s best circus acts. Let our top quality performers take your breath away this fall!



October 2015

Poster for Come Hither Zombie | Circus Center Cabaret

The freaks come out at Circus Center! This month's Cabaret features all the ghoulish mirth and haunting magic of the Halloween season. While you enjoy a drink from our Cabaret Bar, watch as spiderwomen, zombies, and burlesque temptresses perform dazzling circus acts in our uniquely intimate venue. The music of Kelli Crump and the Roger Glenn Trio will keep the atmosphere hot enough for all you devils and demons.




September 2015

Poster for Circus Center Cabaret | Curtain Up!

Enjoy the beauty and mastery of circus up close at the Circus Center Cabaret. In a uniquely intimate venue where the audience is never more than 50-feet away from the performers, viewers are invited to partake in refreshments and adult beverages while watching the best variety acts in the Bay Area. Set to the toe-tapping tunes of the Roger Glenn Trio, the Circus Center Cabaret distills the elegance of the Follies, the humor of the Vaudeville clowns, and the grandeur of the Big Top into one hour of the most compelling circus spectacular since P.T. Barnum. Fall in love with the sultry voice of Kelli Crump*, Cabaret Chanteuse, as she leads you through a night of dazzling artistry.

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