Are those Circus Center alums in those Luzia ads?

Luzia and Back Pocket Acrobat Maya Kesselman shares her Circus Center story

Just who are those colorful hummingbirds we're seeing all over town in Cirque du Soleil's Luzia posters? They're Circus Center alums Maya Kesselman, Marta Henderson, Devin Henderson, and Dominic Cruz, and their troupe, Back Pocket! They've been on tour with Luzia since last May, where you can see them performing an electrifying hoop diving act on a speeding treadmill.

Maya started training in Circus Center's youth program at age 10, along with future troupe members Marta, Devin, and Dom. She's since graduated from L'Ecole Superieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels, Belgium, toured (and won a gold medal at the 34th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain) with Trio Anneaux, and formed Back Pocket (follow them here!). Needless to say, we're impressed, and absolutely thrilled to see her and the rest of Back Pocket back in town.

Maya graciously took time out of her busy training and performance schedule to share why she thinks circus is worth supporting, and how performing as a youth at Circus Center built her love of circus into a career:

"What inspired you to train with such dedication when you were young?
It was the challenge. I really liked that it was something you had to be disciplined about. Circus was not something that came easily to me...this wasn't just about strength, it was performance and adrenaline and working in a team. And performing is amazing, I love performing.
The best part is the people I get to work with. Obviously, I'm still working with them! Circus has a really good community backing it up. The community is the reason why I stuck with it all these years.

Why should someone donate to support performances at Circus Center?
Let's say I'm a circus artist, and I practice 5 days a week, and can do a back flip or whatever - I'm practicing the technique of circus, but that is not the only thing it's about.

Circus is about sharing what you do with an audience, and having that kind of connection with an audience, and being onstage and connecting with the people you're performing with. It's not the same as just practicing offstage. It gives you a whole different feeling...It opens our community's eyes to what circus is.

Together we can give Circus Center's dedicated students, young and adult, the chance to discover and share their love of performance like Maya, Marta, Dom, and Devin did.

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