A Sneak Peek at the SF Youth Circus' Upcoming Original Show

This April and May, the young artists of Circus Center's pre-professional performance troupe, the San Francisco Youth Circus, will produce an original, full-length circus production. This year, it's something new: an intimate, story-driven show in the Circus Center Theater.

Inspired by the classic "dance battle" story, the show follows two competing schools heading to a circus competition, when suddenly their bus breaks down on a farm that just happens to house a mischievous young sprite. Can the competitors work together to get their acts to the competition in time? Or will they get SERVED? It's on!

"There's nothing better than hearing the audience react!" - Eli

Under the guidance of Steve Smith, the show's director and Circus Center's Creative Director, SFYC's young artists have been involved in every aspect of the show's development. Building on their in-class intensives on act-building and their years of circus training, they'll be doing everything from deciding on the theme to creating a storyline and characters to staging. There will even be a set painting party.

"Shows are a way to show off your talent, and bond and work as a team." - Mia

Director Smith adds: "The discipline of putting on a theatrical production like this helps our young artists in every avenue of life. Our two biggest values are respect - of yourself, your audience, and your craft - and focus. They learn to manage time, collaborate, and work and create as a team."

"Circus is really good for acceptance. You don't have to hide your quirks to fit in." - Klara

This show is one of the low-cost/pay-what-you-can community productions the SHOW LOVE campaign is all about: creating high-quality, original work by our pre-professional student artists that celebrates their talent, creativity, and years of hard work training.

"It's nice knowing you made someone's day because they saw your performance."- Montie

By supporting SHOW LOVE, you help give Circus Center's young and dedicated performers the chance to grow and create more excellent original and low-cost shows - for you. Please consider giving to SHOW LOVE today. Thank you!