Circus Center: Where BatKid & Other Heroes Train!

As almost everyone knows by now, on Friday, November 15, San Francisco turned itself into Gotham City to support Miles, a Make-a-Wish child with leukemia whose wish was to become “BatKid.” The outpouring of support from the local community spread quickly across the internet, resulting in four hundred tweets per minute. All the traffic eventually crashed the Make-a-Wish website! A success by any measure, Circus Center was fortunate enough to play a large role in making Miles’ wish come true, both before and during the big day.

Miles’ advocate was one of Circus Center’s own, Eric Johnston. “EJ” has been coming to Circus Center for years. He’s very active in the flying trapeze program and he even met his wife at the Center! Naturally, anybody who wants to go out and fight crime needs training, and what better place to work on your superpowers than Circus Center?

On Thursday, November 14, before Gotham called on Miles (ahem… BatKid), he came to Circus Center to work on some of his moves. When he arrived, he was greeted by dozens of other superheroes going about their regular training regimens. Miles saw Wonder Woman flying through the air on the flying trapeze, Spiderman on the trapeze netting, Catwoman climbing the Chinese poles, the Green Lantern basing for another Catwoman, Superman working on his tumbling and stretching, and more!

Our instructors Xiaohong and Jennings worked with EJ to arrange an obstacle course for Miles to develop his agility. He bounced off minitramps onto stacked mats, tiptoed across the tightwire, crawled through tunnels, and held on tight to a rolling wheel mat! But that wasn’t all…

BatKid got to fly.

With Xiaohong in tow, Miles climbed the ladder to the flying trapeze platform and clipped in. The smile on his face reached from ear to ear. We could describe the BatKid’s first flight, or you could just watch it…

It was official. BatKid was now ready to fight crime, and Circus Center would be there with him every step of the way.

Whether he was bouncing on the mini-tramp to save the Damsel in Distress from an evil ticking device or maneuvering his way through the Penguin’s booby-trapped obstacle course in AT&T Park to save Lou Seal, Circus Center gave Miles the tools he needed to succeed in saving the day.

Click through the gallery below to see pictures of BatKid at Circus Center!