Call for Artists-in-Residence

Build Your Next Show at Circus Center

One aspect of Circus Center’s service to the circus community is our Artist-in-Residence program, which invites select professional individuals or groups to use our facility to support the creation of new circus works and performances.

Typically, Circus Center will provide some combination of:
  • Space for act creation/development and rehearsal for the duration of the residency;
  • Space for private showings;
  • Performance space for performance;
  • Staff support for scheduling space and coordinating the performance;
  • A locker per individual for equipment storage; and
  • Promotional support such as listing and linking company on Circus Center website, and mention of the artist residency in the monthly newsletter.

Residencies can be as short as three weeks and as long as three months, with most running 6-8 weeks.

We are currently seeking applicants for residency as early as this fall. If you or your company/group are interested, please e-mail Tracey Shababo, Registrar, with information about your company, examples (eg videos, photos, reviews) of past work, a statement about the purpose of the proposed residency, and an estimate of the kinds of space/apparatus you would want on a daily/weekly basis.