Responding to your Requests: Outcomes of the October 2015 Student Survey

In the middle of October, we sent out a Student Survey to see what you were looking for as Circus Center students and how we could continue making your training experience better.  The feedback was great, and we are excited to offer several new classes during the Winter Session in response to your requests.

New Classes:   

Due to students’ interests and requests we are adding three new classes to the schedule!

Respondents felt that Circus Center’s offerings would be more complete if we offered dance fundamentals in addition to circus.  Specifically, respondents asked for ballet technique.  Thus, we have added Basic Ballet, a 90-minute ballet technique class with rhythmic gymnastic champion and ballet dancer Svetlana Scherba on Monday nights from 7:00 - 8:30pm.  The class will focus on barre work and actively applying ballet technique to create beautiful quality of movement.  

At Circus Center, Straps is always in demand! This dynamic and challenging apparatus is great for conditioning and is incredibly appealing for both men and women due to its texture, versatility, and demand in the professional circus world.  We are delighted to offer Straps Conditioning  with Celine Masson on Thursdays from 7:30 - 9:00 during Winter Session.  This class will be a combination of conditioning and fundamental technique on the straps to build a basic movement vocabulary while developing the strength and coordination needed for further straps training.

Finally, many of our newest community members taking Aerial Conditioning or Intro to Mixed Aerials informed us that, while they want to train and practice between classes, they have been are scared to come to the Sunday afternoon Aerial Jam and don’t feel ready to ask for Individual User status.  What they would like is a supervised practice session, where they can work on the moves that are most challenging to them, and know that there is a teacher to spot them or give them feedback if they need it.  So, we have created a Supervised Aerial Practice with Celine Masson on  Sundays, from 3:00 - 6:00.

Back by Popular Demand:

Circus Center students love stretching! Due to popular demand, we are bringing stretching back on Tuesday evenings and on Sundays, meaning that Circus Center offers stretching and flexibility training seven days a week.  

We are excited to offer more options in our flexibility department as well and introduce a  new stretching instructor to our team! Lance Byogen, our new instructor, will be offering Flexibility for Every-Body on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 and Saturday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30

Flexibility for Every-Body focuses on stretching exercises, concentrating on the hips and lower back, to reduce pain and increase range of motion. It’s perfect for people who sit during the day and want to stretch out their lower bodies. All body types and flexibility levels are encouraged to join.

About Lance: Lance is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and massage therapist.  He began studying traditional East Asian medicine in 2009 after 10 years of working with massage therapy and 3 years of training intensively in Mongolian contortion. He has a Master's in Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is I am currently studying for his Doctorate degree with Dr. Erlene Chiang, a Chinese medicine oncology specialist, at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Beyond his work as a physical doctor, Lance is a Tendai-Shugendo Buddhist priest, and trained under the late Rev. Keisho Leary at the California Tendai Buddhist Monastery.

Class Highlight:

At Circus Center, we are proud to offer an incredible variety of classes seven days a week to appeal to the diverse interests of our student body.  In particular, we would like to highlight a few of our unique Sunday classes that were recently added to our course offerings and that we are delighted to have on the schedule for another exciting session.

Start your day right! Bright and early Sunday morning, at 10:00am, Aaron Kozloff is offering Circus Bootcamp.  Circus Bootcamp offers a full-body workout using techniques and skills taken from circus, parkour, and gymnastics! Formerly known as Circus Fitness, this fun and intense circuit training combines interval training with circus arts conditioning followed by a brief stretch. Circus Bootcamp will build strength, endurance, and coordination in a way that can be scaled and modified for all fitness levels.

Contemporary dancer Tim Rubel is back, offering Beginning Contemporary Dance, formerly called Dance from Circus Performers, on Sunday evenings at 5:15pm. This 90-minute class is designed for the theater or circus artist who wants to deepen their performance skills. Beginning Contemporary Dance will introduce students to the athleticism and infinite movement possibilities found in contemporary dance.  Student Services Representative, Lane, who took the class this session states: “Tim's class is an awesome way to end my weekend by re-centering through movement before getting into the grind of another week.”


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