Help Us Get a New Flying Trapeze Net!

On May 7th, we launched a $10,000 fundraising campaign for a new flying trapeze net!

Why now?
Thousands of people of all ages have flown on our trapeze, the only permanent one in San Francisco. This rig has been with us since the beginning and has shown a generation of people the joys of a quintessential circus art. You can even see the BATKID, Miles Scott, learning to fly on our trapeze in the recently released documentary Batkid Begins!

But like all equipment, nets need to be replaced eventually. Now the time has come for the current net to retire in glory, and a new net to be installed for the next cohort of adventurous flyers. And we need your support!

Why $10,000?
$10,000 will replace our flying trapeze net (a very specialized piece of equipment), cover the cost of installation, and pay for its maintenance and repair for two years. Any amount raised past that goal goes to further years of maintenance.

Why give?
A new net is essential for Circus Center's future. We can't have flying classes, parties, or shows without an up-to-date net. Without it, we'd be missing a vital part of our identity as a historic American circus hub.

With your donation today, you become a tangible part of Circus Center's future. Not only that, you can take a piece of the past home with you!

When you make a donation of $100 or more, you can take home a piece of the old net: your own symbol of the wonder our net has made possible.

Our aim is to have the new net installed by this August, ready to wow our community for the Fall Session and the American Circus Educators Conference, which we are hosting in October.

By supporting our new net and guaranteed maintenance for the next few years, you're helping Circus Center continue to share the magic of circus with thousands of children, youth and adults for years to come.

Please join our campaign today. Thank you!


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