If I have no prior experience in any type of training like this… Can I still come in for a class?

Of course! We have many beginner level classes without prerequisites, like All Levels Flying Trapeze, Stretching, Aerial Conditioning, Hang Tough, Intro to Acrobatics and more. As you build your skills you can move up to our higher classes! Check out our special page for New Students.

What is the minimum age for your classes?

All Levels Flying Trapeze
: Minimum age is 7. Children under 15 must co-enroll with a Parent/Guardian and be accompanied by Parent/Guardian in the class at all times. Our support harnesses can support up to 250 pounds and a size 38″ waist.

Adult Classes: Minimum age is 16. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver and meet all the prerequisites for class to enroll.

Juggling Club: Minimum age is 8. Children under 15 must co-enroll with a Parent/Guardian and be accompanied by Parent/Guardian in the class at all times. All students under age 18 must have a parent sign our general release form.

Pre-Professional Training for Youth: For our Rising Stars, Super Novas, and San Francisco Youth Circus classes, students must be between 7-18 years old. See information about auditions here.

Recreational Youth Program: We offer classes such as Aerial Arts, Circus Playground, Juggling, Balance, & Manipulation, Circus Playground 90 Minute, and Youth Flying Trapeze. Students must be between 5-15 years old. See information about auditions here.

Children can not be unsupervised in Circus Center. Younger children are welcome to observe their parents in class from the bleachers under direct supervision from another Parent/Guardian at all times.


How do my kids get involved? What classes do you have for kids?

We love inspiring young circus artists! Aerial Arts (ages 7-11); Circus Playground; Juggling, Balance, & Manipulation; Circus Playground 90 Minute, and Youth Flying Trapeze are great introductions to circus arts in a fun-filled, low-pressure environment. See more information and sign up here.

In the summer, our week-long Day Camps offer a great experience to youth 7-14 of all ability levels. Read more and sign up here.

For those interested in more progressive training, we have two levels of pre-professional programs that run late August-May. Rising Stars focuses on developing the basics of acrobatics and aerial arts and choosing a specialty. For our most advanced young students, there is the San Francisco Youth Circus, a pre-professional program with training in advanced acrobatics and aerial arts and performances throughout the year. For more information on our youth programs and auditions, click here.

I’ve trained elsewhere, how can I take upper level classes at Circus Center?

Welcome to Circus Center! If you want to bring your skills over here and start training in our higher-level classes, you have a few options.

Your first option is to sign up for an introductory or all levels class in the art you want to train in, then speak with the instructor about your training goals before class. The instructor can then evaluate your skills during class and can recommend waiving the prerequisites or help you outline a course of training.

For example, if you’ve taken Tissu classes elsewhere and want to come take Tissu 1 at Circus Center, you can take an Aerial Conditioning class with Robin Berry and talk to her about wanting to take Tissu. Then after class, Robin will evaluate your demonstrated skills. She can recommend you for Tissu 1 and you can skip the rest of the prerequisites, or she can recommend a training schedule so you can get the most out of your training time with us. This also gives you the chance to see how you like Circus Center before committing yourself to a more expensive class.

Your second option is to arrange a private lesson with an instructor who teaches the class you are interested in. This will be an evaluation lesson where the instructor can assess your skill level and recommend you for higher level classes or a course of training. You can request a private lesson here.

Your third option is to send video documentation of yourself performing or practicing in the circus art you want to study to info [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org. Our instructors can evaluate your skills from the video and make their recommendations from there. You are always welcome to call the Front Desk with any questions you have about this process.

How do I get a private lesson?

If you have been training awhile and want to hone your skills with some one-on-one attention from our master instructors, you can request a private lesson through this page. Once you fill it out, our staff will coordinate with our instructors to find the best fit for you and your training goals.

Can I get a Flying Trapeze private lesson?

Certainly – you can request a private Flying Trapeze lesson through our Parties and Events Request form, and our events staff will be in touch with you about pricing and availability. For groups of five people or less, we recommend our All Levels Flying Trapeze classes for a fun, cost-friendly option.

I want to learn a particular circus skill but I don’t see a class for it! What can I do? 

We are always looking for feedback from students – we design our schedule depending on what you request! Send us a suggestion here. We also recommend you check out our totally free class Juggling Club, and sign up for our mailing list to get the latest announcements about new classes!

How much do classes cost?

Check the Prices page for most up-to-date rate information and current package deals.

What is Session Enrollment?

Ready to commit to a regular, consistent training regimen? Session enrollments guarantee you a spot in the same class each week of the session - for a discounted price.  When session enrolling, your benefits include a priority enrollment period (first shot at some of our most coveted classes!) and a guaranteed spot in that class for the entire session. Plus, you’ll be taking advantage of the biggest discount on classes Circus Center offers.

What is Juggling Club?

Experienced juggler or a newbie looking to learn? Come hang out at Juggling Club and collaborate in a fun, low-pressure environment with our experienced instructor. Bring your friends and play with our juggling toys: scarves, balls, feathers, clubs and more. All levels are welcome in this FREE club!

Everyone age 8 and older is welcome, however, all students under age 18 must have a parent sign our general release form, and children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

No prerequisites, no experience necessary.


We recommend comfortable, breathable workout clothes that allow you a full range of movement, like yoga or dancewear. Since many of our classes include inverted movement such as handstands, baggy clothes are not recommended.

For classes that use the trapeze and other apparatuses (like Aerial Conditioning), it is most comfortable to wear workout pants that cover the knees.

Specialized shoes are not necessary for any of our classes except Chinese Pole. We have several pairs of athletic Pole shoes available to borrow; please call ahead for size availability or feel free to bring your own.

For Tightwire classes, ballet shoes are best, but simply socks works fine too.




How do I sign up for an account?

Easy! Under the "Account" tab on the main menu above, click on “Log In / Create an Account.” Enter your information, agree to our Studio Liability Release, and click “Submit.” From there, you can see your schedule, update your information, and add family members to your account.

How do I add myself to a class?

  1. From the “Classes” tab, browse either “Class Descriptions” or “Schedule” to find the class you want to take.
  2. Click on the name of the class, and you will be taken to that class page. Find the date and time you want, then click “Sign up.” You can also add yourself to the waitlist this way.
  3. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account if you haven’t already.
  4. If you do not have the appropriate class credit on your account (ie a Tier B Single Class for All Levels Trampoline), you will be prompted to purchase one. Once your payment is processed, you will be added to the class.
  5. If you have a class pack on your account already, one credit will automatically be used and you’ll be enrolled in the class.
  6. You can double-check the time and date by looking at your schedule on your account.

How do I enroll for a full session of classes?

Sessions are a great option for students who are ready to commit to a regular, consistent training regimen. Sessions offer a guaranteed spot in the same class — same time and day each week — for every week of the session, plus priority enrollment and our best pricing.

To enroll, make sure you have an account set up (see above) and a credit card on file. Then email the Student Services Team at info [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org, let them know which session you would like to enroll in, and give them authorization to charge your credit card on file. Please be sure to include the date, time, and name of the session you want to enroll in. Session enrollments will be processed in the order they are received.

After you create your account, you can also call the Student Services Team at 415-759-8123 to enroll in a session.
Session pricing is available on the Prices page.

This class says wait list only, can I still sign up for it? How does the wait list work?

If a class is wait list only, that means it is currently full. However, you can put yourself on the waitlist and possibly get bumped into the class if someone cancels their spot. We encourage students to waitlist themselves. Simply click on the “Waitlist” button next to the class and follow the steps.

Be sure you “opt-in” for emails to use the waitlist feature for classes!

If you are added into a class from the waitlist, your class credit will be considered used. If you are added to a class from the waitlist at least 24 hours before class starts, a notification email will be automatically sent to the email address on your account. Please keep your contact information up to date and make sure to add automatedemail@mindbodyonline.com to accepted addresses in your email to ensure your notification.

If you are added to a class from the waitlist within 24 hours of the class start time, you will not receive an automatic e-mail.  Therefore we recommend checking your online account or calling the Student Services Team to check on your waitlist status the day of class.

If you are added in to a class from a waitlist within 24 hours of the class start time and can not attend, simply contact the Student Services Team by phone (415-759-8123) or e-mail (info [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org), OR remove yourself from the class online. You will keep your class credit and can use it for another class.

You can read more on our Policies page.

How do I cancel myself out of a class?

You can cancel yourself out a class by logging into your account, looking at your schedule, and clicking “cancel” next to the class you need to cancel. You can also call the Student Services Team at 415-759-8123. Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes and lessons. See below for more details, including Session cancellations.


First, create an account for yourself (see above). Then you can call the Student Services Team at 415-759-8123 to set up a family member account.

Alternatively, you can log in to Classic Mindbody and follow these steps:

Log in to your account using Classic Mindbody.
Under the “My Info” tab, add your guest as a family member and click on “Paid for by (your name).”
Use the tabs to find the item that you want — “Classes,” “Camp,” “Youth,” etc.
Once you find the item you want, choose “Make a reservation – [your guest's name]” for the class.
You will be prompted to purchase an item (class, class package, camp week, etc.) for that person.
Once you do, your purchase will go onto their account and they will be enrolled in the class you chose.

Please note that each student must be registered for class via his/her own MindBody account.  Purchasing multiple class credits via your own student account does NOT reserve additional spaces for other students.  If you would like to pay for other clients, please contact the Student Services Team at 415-759-8123 or info@circuscenter.org so that we may apply credits you purchase to another student’s account.

Do I have to sign anything?

Yes. You can download our general release form here.

How do I sign up my child for Summer Day Camp?

Thanks for choosing Circus Center’s Summer Day Camps for your child! To enroll your child in camp, call the Student Services Team at 415-759-8123







Circus Center has a 24-hour cancellation policy for all classes and private lessons. If you cancel anytime more than 24 hours before class, you will keep your class credit and can use it for another class. If you cancel your spot less than 24 hours in advance or do not attend class, you will forfeit your class credit. There is no extra fee beyond that.

The only exception is if we have a signed note from your doctor excusing you from class for a medical reason. If you are a doctor, you can not write yourself a note.

However, if you are added in to a class from a waitlist less than 24 hours before class starts and can not attend, simply let us know. You will be able to use your credit for another class or waitlist.

You can read our Private Lessons cancellation policy on our Policies page.


Circus Center non-session enrollment classes (for example, classes purchased with a 5-pack) are ineligible for make-up.

Sessions: If you enroll for a full session of classes, you are allowed one make-up class per enrollment. If you cancel or miss a class for any reason (and we still appreciate early cancels so others can get in the class), you may claim a credit for a class at the same or lower price point. This credit will NOT be automatically applied to your account; you must request it from the Student Services Team within one week of the absence.

Because many of our classes are small and popular, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use your makeup on the same exact class or the same instructor. Your class credit will expire one (1) month after the date it is applied to your account.

If a medical situation arises which will prevent the student from participating for the rest of a session, Circus Center will credit 50% of the remaining pro-rated tuition to the student’s account for future use. A doctor's note is required. See our Policies page.


We have a 15-minute grace period. After 15 minutes, students will not be admitted to class. If after 15 minutes a spot still remains unused, another student present in the building may elect to take the open spot.

Arriving for a class after the 15 minute grace period will result in a “Late Cancel.” Please allow yourself enough time to find parking or account for public transit delays.

We understand that it is sometimes hard to find parking around our building, but for the safety and comfort of our students, we cannot make exceptions to the 15 minute grace period.

Can I give my friend/family member one of my classes, or share a class pack with them?

No. All classes and lessons are non-transferable. Please see our Policies page.


Perkville is an independent rewards website, integrated with MBO. It allows us to rewards students for a variety of actions including: taking a class, private lesson or workshop; hosting a party; referring a friend; posting a photo on Facebook with hashtag #circuscenter.

Circus Center Points Redemption:
250 points = Tier A Class Credit 
400 points = Tier B Class Credit
500 Points = Tier C Class Credit 

Earning Activities:
Joining Perkville: 50 points (Note: This is automatic through Perkville)
Hosting a Party: 250 Points
Referring a Friend: 100 points
Taking a Workshop: 50 points
Posting on Facebook: 7 points (once a day per platform)
Taking a class: 5 points (for classes attended)





How do I book a party at Circus Center? 

Check out the Parties and Events page! Fill out the Parties & Events Request Form and our friendly events staff will coordinate with you on dates, packages and how to fulfill your dream of an awesome circus party!

What kinds of parties can I book at Circus Center?

Kid parties, adult parties, office parties, bachelorette parties…we do it all. Your guests can enjoy our Flying Trapeze, Circus Skills, Trampoline and more – see our party packages and Events Request Form here.

OK, I filled out the form, but I haven’t heard back about my request!

We promise to reply to your request within 72 hours. If it has been more than 72 hours since you filled out the Events Request Form and you haven’t heard back from us at all, please give the Student Services Team a call at 415-759-8123.

I have more party questions!

They will be answered here.





What is the history of Circus Center? 

In 1984 Wendy Parkman and Judy Finelli, members of The Pickle Family Circus, began the San Francisco School for Circus Arts as a project of the Pickle Family Circus to train youth in circus arts. In 1990 they hired Master Chinese Acrobat Lu Yi to direct their children’s training. In 1993 Circus Center moved to the West Gym (aka the Boy’s Gym) of the recently demolished Polytechnic High School located at 755 Frederick Street. Circus Center began offering comprehensive training in aerial, acrobatics and clown for both youth and adults in the area…and we’ve been here ever since! Read more about our history here.

Can I rent a space in your building for my meeting, workshop etc?

Yes! We have many spaces in our building available for rent, including our theater and main gym. Full buy-outs are also possible. Contact the Student Services Team for pricing and availability details at info [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org.

Are you a circus/Do you want to see my act?

We are not a touring circus. However, we will be launching the second season of The Circus Center Cabaret, a monthly performance series in our Theater, in September 2016. If you are a circus or variety artist interested in being a featured act in the Cabaret, contact Creative Director Steve Smith: steve [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org. In the meantime, if you are interested in training at the center, email the Student Services Team: info [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org.

Can you donate to my fundraiser?

Circus Center is pleased to support many of our fellow community non-profit organizations through in-kind donations of classes, camps, tickets, and other Circus Center services for your auctions, raffles, and other fundraising efforts. Please note, we do not make cash donations, and we do not donate performances or performers. To make an in-kind donation request, please fill out this In-Kind Donation Request form.

How do I book performances?

Circus Center’s community of professional performers are available to enhance the beauty and elegance of your event. Our performers have performed in elite circuses and venues around the world. Get started by filling out our Booking Request Form, and the Circus Center staff will be in contact with you.

I have a job posting you would be interested in!

Excellent! Send it to Barry Kendall, Executive Director, and we’ll spread the word: barry [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org.

Can I work at Circus Center?

Check our Careers page for current openings. If you are interested in teaching, please note that your odds of being hired increase with your ability to make a substantial commitment to teaching with us. Send your resume/CV to jobs [AT] circuscenter [DOT] org.


Yes we do! Purchase gift cards here.


First off, thank you so much! Your tax-deductible donation supports scholarships for the talented youth in our pre-professional youth programs, our free community activities, and much more. Visit our donate page for information on how to support our programs.




Circus Center has limited accessibility for individuals with handicaps, and we are not completely wheelchair accessible, as we are an historic building (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design). Please contact us at 415-759-8123 in advance to learn more.



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